Demos 2016

by Birdluck

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released June 7, 2016

guitar- cameron
guitar/vox- nathan
drums- CJ



all rights reserved


Birdluck Los Angeles, California

Avian brand of punk brought to you by Cj, Cam, Nate and Lexi, straight from our fingertips to your ear holes!

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Track Name: the day
today's the day
tonight's the night
this year's the year
you're never right
now strike the luminescence from the sun.

heavy eyes
won't open wide
no thirsty lips
can't speak my mind
it's time to turn the lights out on the sun.

in my mind i try to keep my focus fixed
deep inside i know too well i'll likely slip
so let me slip it can be quite alright to miss
i'll slip inside to a place i might not otherwise find.
Track Name: michael knows
michael knows how it is
he's got new hips and two cracked teeth
he's been to war and raised a kid
he wrangles props in the movie biz
he likes to joke got a big red face and a goofy voice
he's got a goofy voice.

he's got a mind for the right
hears their cries and lives their fight
lit a man on fire once
who gave his brother shit for living on his block.

michael knows his heritage
he descended from the thirteenth tribe of israel
he don't get mad no he don't get even
he'll opt instead to make you wake up screaming.

he talked to god in desert storm
saw broken men lose to the VA hospitals
spent a year drunk then got back on his feet
now michael says what he thinks and knows what he means.
Track Name: pinky
wandered down came back around got hit with a fee
left a piece of my pinky in a car door back east
you don't need a lot if you can talk em full of steam
we're all dripping just a little till it's spilling out our ears.

put time in on tackling what's right and what's real
figured out there are rules about breaking rules you can't read
wouldn't waste my worrying if the worried couldn't hear
you see it's hard to believe in anything that you're never gonna feel.
Track Name: sweet
babe you're sweet like me i taste it on your cheeks i snuck a peek or three i guess i don't know better
you say what you mean i say it ain't a question babe you're too good to me i guess you don't know better.

babe take me by the ear god willing i'll be listening whisper what you will i won't go spilling secrets
i know you like to tease i hope this time you mean it babe i'm on my knees you got me down and begging:

please please baby sweeter than an apple off the tree
hanging just outside my reach
please please baby sweeter than an apple off the tree
dropping gently to my feet.